* Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

CTEV provides an ideal treatment method of intravenous within the varicose veins. With wavelength of 1320nm it targets the moisture and collagen and not the hemoglobin, there is no swelling and bruises so patients perspective it is much safer and comfortable treatment.

- FDA Cleared for treatment of the GSV, SSV and tributary veins
- Porven 1320nm Nd: YAG laser technology
- Fewer risks and complication
- High level of efficacy and cosmetic results
- Office-based procedure
- Quick healing time-No post operative pain of down time.
- Controllable Auto-Pullback Device
- Multiple fiber sizes
- Controllable

* Product Specifications
Wavelength 1320nm
Power Up to 10 Watts
Delivery 600㎛ and other specialty fiber sizes
Dimensions 31”high x18”widex21”deep
Weight 160lbs(73Kg)
Utilities 115VAC,50/60Hz,Single Phase
230VAC,50/60Hz,Single Phase
Regulatory Approval FDA cleared for treatment of the tributary, great and small saphenous veins